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Abstract – In the case of giving services to all citizen, government must work hard to produce public goods, as a form of public expenditure. The citizens give the contribution to the government by paying tax, or other state revenues. A great mandate from citizen given to the government is they must do the best procurement of public goods in quality standard, and then maintain it. An example of public goods is weapon system availability (alutsista). It must be procured to support the national defense. Then, government has to maintain it, or change it with the same or different types, based on some criteria allowed by Parliament. Indonesia’s government, especially the Defense Ministry, pays little attention to the military defense equipment, especially in booking and maintaining so they can’t calculate the need analysis based on the real booked ones. But, Finance Minister needs the data to plot the budget. Now, weapon system avalability has bad quality: age is over useful life and level of readiness is low.

On-going maintaining is only done based on routine activity by command the served soldiers. With booking the weapon system availability in a good system, such as our Management Information System and Accounting of State Property (SIMAK-BMN), reporting even the small damaged property to the State Property Report and Financial Report, and analyzing the property needs, can make the budget given to this need adequately. As a result, our weapon system availability can work normally, even we can make it more modern based on the need analysis. On the particular moment, the foreign political discussion is needed to minimizing the cost of maintaining.

Kata Kunci: alutsista, pertahanan, buruk, kualitas, solusi

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pdf  01-Barang Publik-7A-Khusus-Puput Waryanto

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